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MessyMsxi says:

“Today, we buy more than we use and we throw away easily with increasing speed usually without another consideration. Together, we have succumbed to the Marketer’s selling of lifestyle and now lust for the newest and greatest; buying and throwing away what was the latest high-tech purchased a month ago. Innumerable products which we deem exquisite and valuable today become obsolete and unwanted tomorrow. Out of sight, out of mind; We take for granted the fact that once our almost new products are thrown out of the house, it magically disappears.

Murals of natural landscapes replacing nature is a picture of a dystopian future, where nature has finally been conquered by trash with heaps of yesterday’s prized possessions filling to our doorsteps. Here is the result of our throw-away addiction, where we can only look at the nature we failed to appreciate on walls as another facade, another form of packaging, and simply as another form of replacement.”

I Say:

“Detailed and beautiful, colourful and ultimately completely relatable to all of the city dwellers/consumption monsters I know we all are.”


Written by bjornyeo

April 6, 2010 at 8:00 am

Posted in illustration

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