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If you have not heard, there is a new society in town that is all about promoting excellence and raising the profile of graphic design in Singapore. Below is The Design Society and their missions. Join them now!

Document & Archive
Appreciation of our design history must begin with a keen effort to catalogue significant works and their authors. A centre should be created to act as a depository and activity hub for talks, exhibitions and workshops. In time, we believe sufficient content can be amassed to start a proper Museum of Modern Design.
Promote & Educate

We hope to address the current lack of serious discourse on the state of Singapore design through the publication of a periodical. Its contents should include academic writings, interviews, research, and the collection of information and artworks. We will also hold conferences, talks, seminars, roadshows and workshops with schools, institutions and corporations who wish to learn more about design.Celebrate & Recognize
We hope to hold our very own awards for Graphic Designers to give recognition to exceptional works in various categories of creative endeavour. Judging will be done by a peer-elected panel as well as accomplished and respected individuals from the international design community.

Community & Outreach

With greater connectedness, designers can participate in local, regional and international design and cultural activities. The Society will be the voice for Singapore design and initiate dialogue and exchanges with the worldwide design community.


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January 25, 2010 at 1:28 pm

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